Supercharge your
SAP security.

XCUA redefines user & role administration on the ABAP stack. Try it today to see how point & click will transform your work.

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Executives & Managers

Reduce your total cost of ownership by optimizing your licensing costs and improving your team's efficiency.

Independant Consultants

Power through your client work with a robust yet effective tool to perform all your administration tasks across boxes.

Engineers & Admins

Radically simplify your daily administration tasks with a single screen cockpit which connects to all your users, systems and roles.

Performance driven cockpit

One screen for all your users, roles & systems will change how you access your SAP landscape and manage your work.

  • Point and shoot user administration.
  • Drag & drop roles between clients.
  • Advanced search across all fields

Built For Speed

Ease of use and speed to execute underpin the product across all features. With one click you can now perform several tasks that were not possible to achieve using transaction codes or tables in SAP.

Drag and Drop

point & click , Drag & drop will be a recurring theme across the product, use your mouse to execute a variety of functions for user and role administration.


Since all data is local there are no security concerns relating to your company data being handled by a tool.

Mass User Setup

Received a list of users to be setup in a new system ? No problem, use the Mass user setup feature to setup your users in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually.

Fast Copy

Copy different authorizations of one user across a list of boxes to be setup for a different user.

Test Project Setup

When you need to setup a test environment for hundreds of user names typically used in performance/QA testing.

Search everywhere

Search across any field across any system, user or roles. Use canned queries to find redundancies and bad data.

Fast Install, Faster Setup

Setup and install takes less than 10 minutes
You don’t have to deal with delays or additional costs.

Light weight install

No additional infrastructure or servers are needed, installation takes less than 10 minutes.

Auto connect

You will never need to remember your password again, just automatically connect to all your systems at once.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any infrastructure costs for installing this software?

None, There are no servers or new infrastructure needed to install the software.

How long does installation take ?

Download takes less than 5 minutes and connecting to each system takes as long as you take to type in your passwords!!

How does xCUA handle data?

All data stay local on your machine and is not sent out to a different server.

Can we provision S/4 HANA with xCUA?

Yes, You can connect any ABAP based system with xCUA including Fiori.

Power your team with xCUA.

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